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How does our anti-limescale solution work? Is it proven to be effective? Why is it more environmentally friendly than a conventional water softener?


Efficiency on
my domestic appliances






Safety / Agreement

Does your system meet the requirements of a sanitary agreement ?

Yes of course, all the ECOBULLES Habitat products are validated by the Attestation of Sanitary Conformity. It is an official certificate delivered by an authorised laboratory designated by the government’s Department of Health. This certificate is mandatory in France since 2006 for any system in contact with household water. ACS N° 16 ACC NY 302 Valid certification until September 23, 2021.

What are the different ways of using alimentary CO2 ?

Alimentary CO2 can be used in many different ways. Used for :

  • Sparkling waters and sodas
  • Conserving food sold in plastic containers
  • Creating pressure for on-draft beer in bars
  • Helping plants’ growth in greenhouses
  • Easing up certain exams in the medical field

And in many other industrial applications in thermodynamics, regulation of pH for some industrial effluents, for swimming-pools…

Is CO2 inflammable ?

No, CO2 is not inflammable. It is by the way the main component in extinguishers.

Can CO2 explode ?

No, CO2 is a neutral gas that does not explode.

And about the bottles, if exposed to high heat (over 50°C), they all come with a safety valve.

Are there any bacterial risks with CO2 ?

No, absolutely not, since CO2 is bacteriostatic (meaning that it actually stops bacteria development).

Can I place my CO2 bottle anywhere ?

No, although CO2 is an inactive gas, it must be placed in a naturally or mechanically ventilated room, or in a room equipped with high and low aeration.

If placed in a small and non-ventilated room, ECOBULLES requires the installation of a CO2 detector.

In any case, the bottle must placed vertically.

Efficiency on my domestic appliances

Which experience, which objectivity do you have about the efficiency of this system ?

We have worked for over 20 years in the agri-food sector (our first customers were the biggest Champagne companies).

This is in 2015 that the specific line for households has been created.

Can the system get rid of already existing scale ?

It is the only product with a technology that allows installations’ descaling.

Once the already existing scale is completely solubilized, you need to set your system back to “preventive mode”.

The waterflow in my pipes has decreased importantly because of scale, can your system bring it back to normal ?

Yes, very progressively, the water enriched with CO2 is going to solubilize the existing scale and you will get your original waterflow back after a few weeks.

Does your system protect the hot-water tank ?

Yes, for a domestic use with water between 50 and 60°C (temperature span recommended by manufacturer), our process will perfectly protect your hot-water tank as well as your other electrical appliances.

By lightly overdosing the CO2, our process allow even to descale hot-water tanks on older installations.

Does your system leave traces on installations (shower walls, work surfaces…) ?

Yes, because we do not demineralize water.

However, these traces are not embedding.

Before being treated with the ECOBULLES system, the scale is made of calcium and magnesium carbonates. These carbonates are embedding. That’s what explains scale deposits.

Our technology solubilizes scale which turns it into bicarbonates. These bicarbonates are not embedding.

Therefore, white traces are being erased with a simple cloth or sponge stroke.

Important: When choosing an anti-scale solution for your house, if your only concern is to eradicate all kind of white traces without having to give any cloth or sponge stroke…then our system is not adapted to your needs…

Only salt softeners set up at a TH close to zero can get to that result. But at this level, water gets corrosive, and causes early wear and tear of your installations (resistances, exchangers, pipelines, hot-water tank…).

Can I put CO2-enriched water in my steam plant ?

Yes, if the manufacturer does not require demineralized water.

No, if the manufacturer requires demineralized water.

I have installed a heat pump, does your process protect efficiently my exchanger ?

Yes, absolutely.

In the case of a scaled up exchanger, we even have a curative effect depending on the CO2 dosage.


Can I drink the water ?

Yes of course, the ECOBULLES process does not alter water drinkability. The water keeps all its minerals and taste is preserved.
Even better, enriched with bicarbonates, the water is easier to digest.

Why do you say that you bring bicarbonates into the water ?

By acidifying water very lightly with CO2, the carbonates naturally present in water turn into bicarbonates.

Are bicarbonates good for health ?

Yes, they improve digestion.

Even better, the CO2 has a natural “buffering” power which decreases acidity in the stomach.

Read article on bicarbonate benefits.

Is your process counter-indicated for people with rashes or eczema ?

No, we actually have a lot of feedback from users with rashes, eczema or other skin problems who notice a great improvement.

Why our technology stands out:

  • It brings the water pH closer to the skin pH (excellent for rashes issues, eczema, psoriasis…)
  • The bicarbonate input brings a clear improvement to skin quality and against itches.

Comfort / Well-being

When rinsing my skin, will I encounter the same issues as with a salt softener ?

No, with a salt softener, you get the unpleasant feeling of never being really rinsed. This feeling actually causes an obvious water overconsumption.

With ECOBULLES, the opposite happens. A water enriched with CO2 increases the rinsing power (ECOBULLES patent n° 00 09653).

Will I get the same “foam effect” as with a salt softener ?

Absolutely not.

What are the effects on clothes and linen ?

Clothes and linen get softer.

Thanks to the CO2 effect, the scale components are turned into bicarbonates.
The bicarbonates are not embedding and are evacuated with rinsing water, along with detergent leftovers and dirt.

About allergies: Unlike with salt softeners, the CO2 technology has a strong rinsing power. Detergent leftovers are eradicated from your laundry in a much more efficient way.

What will the effects be on my skin and my hair ?

Hair and skin get softer.

Like for laundry, scale components are solubilized into bicarbonates.

These bicarbonates are non-embedding and are evacuated with rinsing water, like shampoo and soap.

These 2 effects combined bring to the ECOBULLES Habitat product line an excellent comfort power for skin and hair.

Should I keep adding salt to my dishwasher ?

Yes, we advise that you keep adding salt in your dishwasher to avoid having non-embedding white traces at your glasses’ feet.

In fact, all mainstream market dishwashers are equipped with a mini salt-softener. It is then important to respect manufacturers’ recommendations according to water hardness.

Is the system noisy ?

No, not at all.

The only component that could make a little noise could be the electrovalve. To increase its lifetime, we asked our supplier to make it come with a little cushion used as a shock absorber. This evolution makes it even more silent.

Installation / Maintenance

Does the system require maintenance ?

Yes, maintenance includes technical check up of the device, control of the water hardness, water consumption transcript and if necessary, replacement of the CO2 bottle.

How often does the CO2 bottle need to be changed ?

It depends on your consumption and on the water hardness.

The more scaled up the water is, the more CO2 you will need to consume to solubilize the scale.

Depending on your consumption, you can get bottles of 10 kg, 2×10 kg or 20 kg.

20 kg of alimentary CO2 can treat 100 cubic meters of water for a hardness that would be over 45° TH, and up to 200 cubic meters for a moderately hard water (between 15 and 25° TH).

Does it need to be connected to the sewer network ?

No, the ECOBULLES Habitat product line does not cause any water overconsumption, therefore there is no need to connect the system to the sewer network, unlike with salt softeners.

Does the system take a lot of space ?

No, the “Essentiel” version of the Habitat line comes in 2 modules:

  • A hydraulic module, where the electronic components are integrated. Length: 44 cm with the filter pot. Height: 18 cm. Depth: 8 cm. This part can be installed vertically or horizontally.
  • A gas module connected to the CO2 bottle. Height: from 70 cm to 88 cm (depending on the supplier, for a bottle of 10 kg). Diameter: 20 cm.

The “Equilibre” and “Expert” versions of the Habitat line come in 3 modules:

  • A hydraulic module. Height: 44 cm with the filter pot. Height: 18 cm. Depth: 8 cm. This module can be installed horizontally or vertically.
  • An electronic module. Width: 18 cm. Height: 19 cm. Depth: 7 cm.
  • A gas module connected to the CO2 bottle. Height: from 70 cm to 88 cm (depending on the supplier, for a bottle of 10 kg). Diameter: 20 cm.

It is important to know that all these modules are separated and can be installed separately from each other, which allows the installation of the ECOBULLES Habitat product line in apartments.

Can I install your system on all kind of pipelines ?

The ECOBULLES Habitat product line can be perfectly installed on new material: PVC, PER, multilayers and copper. Can’t be installed on lead pipelines.

It is not recommended to use the Ecobulles systems on galvanized steel installations that are in bad shape (they are usually protected by a scale layer that will progressively be removed, which would leave corroded steels “naked”).

I live in an apartment, can I install your system ?

Yes, the system does not take much space. Modules are separated which makes the installation easier.

Moreover, The ECOBULLES Habitat product line does not need any connection to the sewer network, and it is not noisy.


If I water my yard, or if I fill my swimminng-pool in, am I going to waste CO2 ?

No, with the Equilibre and Expert versions, our technology avoids CO2 wasting.

As soon as 200 litres of water have been consumed continuously (the same as the volume of a bath), the system shuts down automatically and there is no CO2 injection anymore. Then, as soon as you shut down the water, the system automatically resets and the CO2 injection starts again.

What will the electric consumption be like ?

Very very low.

The electrovalve that allows the gas output is in 5 WATTS only. The electric consumption for 120 cubic meters of water (annual consumption for a 4-people family) costs less than 1 Euro per year.

Where is the product designed and manufactured ?

The ECOBULLES Habitat product line is designed and manufactured in Reims, France (Great East Region)

Will I overconsume water ?

No, the CO2 injection happens instantaneously in the pipe.

Unlike with salt softeners, there is no storage needed nor any water overconsumption.

Where does the CO2 come from ?

Somes companies release a lot of CO2. In order to avoid that this CO2 gets released in the atmosphere (global warming), some specialized companies like Air Liquide capture this CO2.

This CO2 is then filtered to become alimentary quality CO2.

Why do you say that you neutralize CO2 ?

Because when the CO2 gets in contact with water, it turns into carbonic acid. Therefore, by losing its gas form, it doesn’t contribute to global warming anymore.

Can I control my water consumption ?

Yes, with the Equilibre and Expert versions.

The ECOBULLES software is equipped with an electronic water meter. You can then verify in real-time your daily and total water consumption.

Are the Ecobulles systems compatible with septic tanks and microstations ?

Yes, our processes are perfectly compatible with the different purification systems.

On the other hand, a salt softener, when in regeneration phase, will reject into water big quantitites of chloride that destroy microbial life and alter the efficiency of microstations and cesspools. Many purification system manufacturers proscribe the use of salt softeners in order to have their products work properly. In some cases, it can even cause unpleasant odours.

Does the Ecobulles system have an impact on oceans’ acidification and disappearance of corals ?

Oceans’ acidification is due to a too high concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. As a matter of fact, in the last decades, the industrial and human activity led to an increase of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, going from 300 ppm (parts per million) in 1960 to over 400 ppm today (read article from Le Monde).

The oceans capture the CO2. Since the CO2 concentration is increasing, more CO2 is captured by the oceans. When captured, the CO2 gets mixed with water and become carbonic acid that lowers the oceans’ pH (read article from Le Monde).

The CO2 we use is captured at factory stage, before it gets rejected in the atmosphere. This way, our technology contributes to lower the presence of CO2 in the atmosphere. Also, fresh water represents 2% of the total water volume on the planet. It is then impossible that the infinitesimal quantity of treated water in pipelines could contribute to oceans’ acidification.


Is the efficiency the same if I open one or more taps at the same time?

Yes, the ECOBULLES Habitat range is volumetric. Thus, the dose of CO2 injected is perfectly proportional to the flow rate.

Can I get tap sparkling water?

No, the dose of CO2 injected per litre of water is between 0.1 and 0.2 g/litre.

A water starts to be sparkling from 1 g/litre, i.e. 5 to 10 times more.

For example, PERRIER water contains 8 g of CO2 per litre of water.

Does the process work over long distances?

Oui, l’effet du CO2 sur l’eau est instantané et durable. L’effet sera le même à un point d’eau situé à 1 mètre de l’appareil comme à 50 mètres ou à 100 mètres ou plus…

C’est le cas que nous rencontrons régulièrement dans les immeubles d’habitations, les hôpitaux, les industries, etc.

What happens during a prolonged absence?

When you are not using water, there is no CO2 injection. The water stored in your hot water tank and in the pipes retains all its properties.

However, in the case of water points that are used very little and in an open environment (e.g. toilet bowl), it is possible to see a limescale border appear. This phenomenon is caused by successive evaporation.

This phenomenon does not occur in a closed environment (pipes, hot water tank, etc.).

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Since the water is enriched with CO2, will it attack my installations?

No, the ECOBULLES Habitat process consists of bringing the water into calco-carbonic balance by adjusting the pH.

Water in carbon-calcium balance is neither incrusting nor aggressive towards the pipes.

The Tilmanns curve is included in the appliance’s adjustment manual and allows the pH to be adjusted to the optimum level according to the water’s hardness (equilibrium curve).

How do I know if my CO2 cylinder is empty?

Ecobulles ” Essentiel ” is equipped with a luminous LED which informs you of the end of the CO2 cylinder.

The “Equilibre” and “Expert” models have a digital display and also show you the date and time when the cylinder was detected as “empty”. On these same processes, a safety system also cuts off the solenoid valve in order to avoid running it empty and thus prolong its life.

Finally, the connected models, in addition to the digital display, inform you of the end of the bottle through a notification on your mobile or tablet. You can also find the alert on the free mobile application available on Google Play and App Store.

What happens when my CO2 cylinder is empty?

There is no longer any injection of CO2 into the water, so the properties of the concession water are restored.

Is the dissolution of CO2 in water homogeneous at the outlet?

Yes, there is an injection of CO2 per litre of water. The hydraulic module is equipped with two mixing chambers for perfect dissolution.