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Local partner of the Ecobulles products.

You would like to treat scale in your household or your installations, but you’d rather avoid going through a salt softener?

Ecobulles dissolves scale in your appliances and prevents from problems related to salt: no water overconsumption, no polluting rejects into the sewer, the minerals in your water will be preserved.

Story of an encounter

Savings and environmental protection, wasting of blue gold have always been some of my biggest personal concerns.

Energy savings are made to reconcile Man, Nature and economy. Sustainable development is made to ensure the well-being of all human beings who live today and who will live tomorrow on Earth, in harmony with the environment in which they evolve.

In 2016, to meet a customer’s expectations to find a saltless anti-scale solution that wouldn’t be magnetic either, I met Ecobulles, who convinced me right away about the efficiency of their CO2 system. Since the, we work closely with Ecobulles, a very dynamic and entrepreneurial company, on which we can count on to find the best solutions to meet our customers’ most special requests and needs.

We work on making this system known in our country. We work with convinced professionals to develop our network, in order to satisfy our private customers, collectivities, campsites, hotels, factories, etc…

A nice story of blue gold and CO2 that started in Switzerland.

The Swiss Ecobulles Team

Contact information

Prés Guëtins 29
2520 La Neuveville

Our activity area

Genève 1200
Lausanne 1000
Fribourg 1700
Neuchâtel 2000
Berne 3000
Sion 1950
Bâle 4000
Lugano 6900
Lucerne 6000
Saint-Gall 9000
Saint-Moritz 7500
Delémont 2800
Coire 7000
Zürich 8000

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