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Are you looking for a water softener?
Install an Ecobulles to neutralise limescale instead!

The anti-limescale solution using CO2 injection

Unlike water softeners and other water softening processes, the ECOBULLES® CO2 injection limescale neutralisation technology is the only one to provide a curative effect on pipes and household appliances.

No salt, a proven effectiveness and a benefit for your health.

It allows you to fight limescale in an infallible way, while preserving the minerals in the water and respecting the environment.

This process is similar to the effects of white vinegar on limescale, but is gentler and tasteless on the water.
It is even better than a classic water softener!
Why choose ecobulles?

Why you should

Why you should

Ecobulles, even better than a salt water softener!
Undeniably efficient!
Economical, ecological and silent.

Hygiene & Health
  • ECOBULLES does not alter water drinkability
  • Keeps all its mineral elements
  • Generates bicarbonates that ease up digestion and have a positive effect on the skin 
  • Eradicates existing scale deposits, which limits bacteria. CO2 is known for its bacteriostatic properties (it limits bacteria development)
  • Silent process
  • Compact design
  • Flexible and easy to set up
  • Easy maintenance
  • Avoids salt bags problems, unlike salt softeners
Comfort & Well-Being
  • Allows nice baths because the scale is dissolved
  • Your skin gets preserved because the water pH stays closer to the skin pH. People with eczema, psoriasis or simple rashes will notice a great improvement
  • Brings flexibility to your clothes and brightness to your hair.
  • Contributes to less skin creams use and less detergent use
  • Does not alter water taste
Ecology & Economy
  • No water overconsumption, no waste
  • No polluting rejects (chloride) in the sewage
  • No salt consumption
  • Reduction of maintenance costs of your electrical goods and sanitary devices
  • Energy reduction due to the descaling of the existing installations (1mm of additional scale on a resistance = 10% of additional electricity consumption)
  • Neutralizes CO2

Installing my

Installing my


We can install your Ecobulles anywhere in France, but also in Belgium, Switzerland, Luxenburg and Netherlands, thanks to our network of partners and installers.

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Find answers to your questions

Find answers to your questions

Why is Ecobulles more efficient, healthier and more ecological than a conventional water softener?

Which experience, which objectivity do you have about the efficiency of this system ?

We have worked for over 20 years in the agri-food sector (our first customers were the biggest Champagne companies).

This is in 2015 that the specific line for households has been created.

When rinsing my skin, will I encounter the same issues as with a salt softener ?

No, with a salt softener, you get the unpleasant feeling of never being really rinsed. This feeling actually causes an obvious water overconsumption.

With ECOBULLES, the opposite happens. A water enriched with CO2 increases the rinsing power (ECOBULLES patent n° 00 09653).

Can I drink the water ?

Yes of course, the ECOBULLES process does not alter water drinkability. The water keeps all its minerals and taste is preserved.
Even better, enriched with bicarbonates, the water is easier to digest.

Is the system noisy ?

No, not at all.

The only component that could make a little noise could be the electrovalve. To increase its lifetime, we asked our supplier to make it come with a little cushion used as a shock absorber. This evolution makes it even more silent.

Does the system take a lot of space ?

No, the “Essentiel” version of the Habitat line comes in 2 modules:

  • A hydraulic module, where the electronic components are integrated. Length: 44 cm with the filter pot. Height: 18 cm. Depth: 8 cm. This part can be installed vertically or horizontally.
  • A gas module connected to the CO2 bottle. Height: from 70 cm to 88 cm (depending on the supplier, for a bottle of 10 kg). Diameter: 20 cm.

The “Equilibre” and “Expert” versions of the Habitat line come in 3 modules:

  • A hydraulic module. Height: 44 cm with the filter pot. Height: 18 cm. Depth: 8 cm. This module can be installed horizontally or vertically.
  • An electronic module. Width: 18 cm. Height: 19 cm. Depth: 7 cm.
  • A gas module connected to the CO2 bottle. Height: from 70 cm to 88 cm (depending on the supplier, for a bottle of 10 kg). Diameter: 20 cm.

It is important to know that all these modules are separated and can be installed separately from each other, which allows the installation of the ECOBULLES Habitat product line in apartments.



Meet Ecobulles Aube – Yonne during the Auxerre Fair September 12-16,2018 in Centre des Congrès Parc d’Exposition Auxerrexpo.



From September 21st to September 24th, 2018, Ecobulles Aube – Yonne will be at the Salon de l’Habitat in Cube Troyes Champagne Expo.

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