Installation of ecobulles


Your CO2 scale treatment specialist in your region.

You would like to treat scale in your household or your installations, but you’d rather avoid going through a salt softener?

Ecobulles dissolves scale in your appliances and prevents from problems related to salt: no water overconsumption, no polluting rejects into the sewer, the minerals in your water will be preserved.

Contact information

72 Avenue Albert 1er 1332 Genval

Our activity area

Région de Bruxelles-Capitale 1000-1299

Province du Brabant flamand 1500-1999

Province du Brabant flamand 3000-3499

Province de liège 4000-4999

Province de Hainaut 6000-6599

Province de Hainaut 7000-7999

Province de Flandre-Orientale 9000-9999

Province du Brabant wallon 1300-1499

Province d’Anvers 2000-2999

Province de Limbourg 3500-3999

Province de Namur 5000-5999

Province de Luxenbourg 6600-6999

Province de Flandre-Oxidentale 8000-8999


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