They talk about us, and in a very good way

Thanks Ecobulles Lorraine, a great change since the installation. My son does not have skin problems anymore.
Me V.


The Ecobulles softener system is a product that I highly recommend. It is ecological and super efficient. Only a few hours for the installation. Moreover, the water has a very good taste now!
Mrs Fichtel

Owner of Mas du Grand Jonquier, 84800 Lagnes

After 2 months of using the Ecobulles system, my wife and I are satisfied of its efficiency: less scale especially in the sinks and in the shower. The feel on skin is very pleasant, unlike with regular softeners. Another strong point: it doesn’t take much space. Special mention to our advisor who was very professional in the whole process (unlike salesmen of regular softeners).


Since Ecobulles has been installed a year ago, we noticed: way less eczema on our children’s skin, no more scale in our electrical boiler, so I guess this is the same for our other electrical appliances like washing-machine or dishwasher (dishwasher using less salt than before). No more chlorine in tap water, preserves mineral salts naturally present in water (no need to add more salt). Also the micro-leaks detector helped us to detect one very quickly.
Catherine & Xavier LOPPINET

We were looking for a system to treat scale that was very present in our house in HAGEVILLE. We used to own a salt softener that wouldn’t satisfy us fully. The water was very hard and its taste was bad. The taps had stains very quickly, same for the shower walls and the evacuation of our American fridge. We met the Ecobulles company at the NANCY fair in May 2015. We listened to their speech carefully, and also got info on their ECOBULLES website as well as from other customers. We signed our contract at the METZ fair in 2015 for an ECOBULLES EXPERT system. Since then, thanks to the CO2, no more need of white vinegar to delete scale traces due to dripping underneath our American fridge. Same for taps and shower walls, and we can drink tap water that has no bad aftertaste. We are fully satisfied of our ECOBULLES system.


Living in the South of France where the water is quite hard, we were looking for protecting our installations, our appliances and plumbing, and our skin that was the victim of scale effects. The scale had destroyed our previous water heater! We didn’t want to get chemical salt softeners (bulky, polluting) and not so efficient other systems. We found out about Ecobulles and went for it straight away. Since installation, it is now night and day compared to before, no white traces on sinks, our skin likes it as well as our household appliances. In brief, Ecobulles works! I’d also like to say that Mr Scalfati Georges and Mr Laurent Trognon are extremely professional, reactive and kind people in every circumstances.


After 2 years of use, we are very satisfied with this ecological system, it doesn’t take much space, it is silent and inexpensive, so it is a good alternative to classical salt softeners. From the 3rd CO2 bottle we noticed a clear reduction of CO2 consumption, which shows that the system had cleaned up our 25 year-old pipelines. The effects are then perfectly measurable so it totally convinced us.


We had big block of scale in our pipelines, important white deposits in our sinks, shower and toilets. Since the installation of an Ecobulles system 4 months ago, we noticed a very big reduction of scale deposits on tiled floors and tiled walls, no jammed pipelines anymore. We also use less shower gel because the foaming is more important so the benefits are economical, ecological and the skin feels better, softer.
Mr/Mme Jeanneau Girardeau


After one month of using it, the ECOBULLES system perfectly meets our expectations. The installation has been made as planned by our installer in half a day, only a few traces to wipe off on our taps with a simple cloth stroke. Done with household products!
Monsieur JOUSSET

Courcelles sur nied (57)

We live in a region where water is very hard…this is by chatting with my neighbor that I found out he was equipped with an ECOBULLES system. It’s been a moment since I wanted to get equipped but I knew nothing about it. There was actually no scale traces in my neighbor’s toilets and kitchen, and water did not have any weird taste. We got an ECOBULLES system 2 years ago and we are very satisfied with it. We get much less white traces and if any, it can be wiped off with a simple sponge stroke…My wife noticed that our clothes and linens are softer as well as her skin. And we can drink tap water. Personally, I used to descale the toilets regularly, now it’s over…Moreover, the system does not take much space and we replace the CO2 bottle only once a year…honestly, it’s awesome…

Thionville (57)

Hi Mr. Lohmuller, during our last meeting you asked for my feedback about Ecobulles. Here it is: “we are very happy with the ECOBULLES system. The skin of our 2 children and mine (Mrs) is less dry (especially the skin of my baby). Hair is less dry, much softer and easier to untangle, which is important for people with long hair. No need to dip cloths (kitchen and bathroom) into white vinegar anymore. We are very satisfied”. Thanks and have a good day.
MAYER Nicolas Family

Living in a villa with a very hard water, I purchased Ecobulles in 2012. It has been installed by a very serious team of professionals. Does not take much space, easy to use and reliable. Only little maintenance (CO2 pressure check up), doesn’t pollute. The replacing of the CO2 bottle is very easy (once a year in average). A real benefit: I used to dismantle and clean my toilet flushes every 3 or 4 months, but there is no more scale in there now!
Mr Jacques H.

30400 Villeneuve Les Avignon

No more chlorine taste in water. Very good to drink. Linen is less rough when drying outdoors. Still too recent to have an opinion about the skin feel, will see in a few months. ABSOLUTELY NO REGRET FOR HAVING INSTALLED THE ECOBULLES EXPERT SYSTEM.


In our town, the water is very hard. Since the installation, no more deposits at the bottom of our boilers. Traces left on our tiled floor or in the shower are much easier to erase. Showers are also less agressive for the skin. The CO2 injected in water doesn’t add any unpleasant taste and we can keep drinking tap water. Installation is discreet and doesn’t require much maintenance. Thanks to customer service (technical and commercial staff) for the installation and follow-up. A very good product. Thanks.
Mr Homburger

We bought a house that was equipped with a salt softener system. 3 years after, it broke down and the company in charge of maintenance told us that we needed to replace it. The salt softener is efficient against scale but it overconsumes a lot of water, I need to regularly handle 25 kg salt bags and the water is not pleasant to drink. We looked out for new kind of technologies. The only company that delivered a technical and authentic speech was ECOBULLES. We purchased an Ecobulles system in 2011 and we definitely don’t regret it. The ECOBULLES system leaves a bit more white traces than our salt softener but they don’t embed and can be erased very easily. Also, water is pleasant to drink, the process is ecological and doesn’t take much space.

Villeneuve-d’Ascq (59)

We live in a region with much scale in water. After having built our house a few years ago, we thought about installing a water purificator. After having talked to our sanitary installer who had installed all of our house equipments, we chose the” Ecobulles” system. We chose it because we drink a lot of tap water, and it does not alter the taste. Therefore, and this is important, our appliances will have a longer lifetime.

La Neuveville

Planning ahead the renovation of our toilets and bathroom, we noticed the state of our appliances scalewise, so we needed a solution to treat it in our house in Payerne where water is very hard (39). We did not want to change the water nature, nor demineralize it, so no salt softener nor any magnetic system that we know by experience are not efficient enough. After deep researches on the web, I found out about two CO2 systems. I got in touch with an Ecobulles representative in Switzerland (the other company didn’t seem serious), he quickly sent me all useful information and contact information of customers around us. I suggested Ecobulles to two other neighbors who were looking ofr a solution. After a presentation at home of the Swiss distributor (Weber de La Neuveville company), we decided to order 3 systems, one for each of our houses. It’s been now 8 months since the system has been installed in curative mode (our appliances are 30 years-old), with no problem at all and this is still the same CO2 bottle. As far as results, what we notice the most is when were showering: there is much more foam with the same quantity of soap or gel. Taps and walls are way more clean, with no persisting deposits. If there is any white traces, they get cleaned up much more easily. Same for the sinks in black marble. Out of curiosity, I opened the toilet flush and couldn’t see the same deposits I could notice a year ago. So, what more could I say…at this point, we are fully satisfied with our Ecobulles installation and we’re spreading the word around.


This is the home service company who recommended the ECOBULLES process to us. Since then, the bathroom and the kitchen are much easier to clean up. Moreover, we make savings thanks to this process as there is no water overconsumption.
Monsieur F. P

Haguenau (67)

We got the ECOBULLES water softener system installed in our house 3 months ago, in La Ciotat. I wanted to express my total satisfaction concerning this very efficient water treatment process. No more scale stains,, softness on skin and hair, no bad taste so we can keep drinking tap water. Fibally an effective product against scale. Regards.
Monsieur Eric BELRIVO

La Ciotat

Personally, I’ve been using this system for 2 years now in my factory and I’m perfectly happy with it! No more scale drops, my machines stay like new. This solution should be used by everyone …

83000 Carnoules de la Tuiliere

I’d like to express all the satisfaction I got from Mr Thierry PEUCH. Met at the Cavaillon fair. Very kind and effective, quick delivery and fast installation. A very good salesman, keep on going!

Mr Jacques L.

84300 Cavaillon

I live in a town where water is very hard. Since we had replaced our pipeline network because of scale, we have installed a salt softener. Our machines have been preserved, but the water was unpleasant to drink. Plus, the salt in its compartment created an important jam. Salt wouldn’t melt completely. I replaced everything with an Ecobulles system since 2015, and it works perfectly. No more salt chores, water nice to drink. Plus, it saves space in my cellar. I highly recommend this system that is way more natural, and special thanks to the staff for its availability.
Mme Dubief

Hi, the condominium “Les Paraiges” (20 apartments, 3 commercial spaces) used to have a big scale problem in its pipeline network. At the end of November 2015, we have installed the Ecobulles system. We were a bit skeptical as we didn’t know about this ecological process of injecting CO2 in the main water pipe network to eliminate scale. Since then, our water doesn’t have any more scale, it was proved by several tests made on the installation. We are very satisfied and we highly recommend the Ecobulles system. Also, I’d like to personnally thank Mr Christophe Lohmuller for its professionnalism and kindness.

President of “Les Paraiges” Condominium

For a long time, my wife and I were looking for a system that would treat scale in our house, and we didn’t want a salt softener because it demineralizes water, and that gives a bad taste to it. I looked up “saltless softeners” on the Internet and I found the ECOBULLES website. I found out that the CO2 process acts like white vinegar but in a much less aggressive way, and most of all, this system avoids all problems due to salt. We’ve had it for 3 years and are fully satisfied with it…

Saintes (17)

We used to have a salt softener. The water taste was of course saltier, efficiency was ok, and our consumption bigger because the system has ti be cleaned up each week. Since we have installed Ecobulles, there is no more scale, we notice it particularly in our kettle, no need to put vinegar in it each month like before. To clean up our shower windows, no more products, just a cloth stroke, and cold-water rinsing is enough. About showers, our skin felt better, much less dry which proves again the benefits of this system that is 100% natural, because it doesn’t have any chemical products, which is of course very important ecologically. Another detail that is worth mentioning, we don’t use softeners for our laundry nor any salt for the dishwasher. Like written earlier, since it doesn’t contain any chemical products, the water has a better taste. Never forget also that in terms of maintenance, there is no assistance per year, no need of any salt bags or pastilles, no need of maintenance from the reseller except for the CO2 bottle replacement only once a year.


After two successive breakdowns due to scale in our gas furnace, we started to look for an anti-scale solution for our house. We had heard about salt softeners, but we were not interested in it because it would sometimes give us stomach pain after drinking salt-softened water. At Le Mans’ fair, we randomly met the Roueil company, distributor for Ecobulles, and we were convinced to try out their product. It’s been now 9 months since the Ecobulles solution + filter has been installed. No more problems with our furnace, no need to descale the coffee machine anymore, we drink tap water regularly with no problem and we reduced our consumption of detergent products. The installation has been quick and it takes very little space in our garage. We consume about 100 m3 of water per year and we haven’t changed our CO2 bottle yet, whereas the water has a hardness of about 28. We are very satisfied by the solution and by the follow-up of the Roueil company who comes regularly to control the system.
Madame C.


In October 2015 we purchased an Ecobulles system to replace our defective softener. The Ecobulles system seemed to be reliable. To this day, after over 9 months of use, I don’t regret my purchase as we don’t have scale anymore in the taps, the shower and the different sinks. No traces. My wife said that our clothes are less rough and that her skin is softer when showering. The Var water being very hard, I’m not using salt anymore so we don’t waste water for regeneration. Our water is now healthier for consumption. This system has definitley a positive impact on our family.


I, Pierre RIGHEZZA, former Director at the EDF-GDF distribution center, testify that the water treatment installations ECOBULLES are of great quality. Mr Georges SCALFATI has installed it in my house in La Ciotat. Contracts are very clear, as much as the water that I have been drinking for over a year now. They are very reactive when I ask for check up of the system.

Reims (51)